Monday, August 2, 2010

The Vintage Craze - We Love It Too

I am sure by now you have noticed the vintage craze - it is everywhere, in clothing, in jewels, in collectables, in print, in childrens toys, ribbons, papers, fabrics, all kinds of treasures you name it, there is something to find vintage. It is a craze for sure.

So far we have joined in the craze by selling rollerskate keys, rollerskates, children's cooking utensils, and lovely vintage jewels. Some of our upcoming postings will consist of Avon men's colenge bottles, notical ice box, magazines, home decor, and other odds and ends.

It is no secret that we are new to the vintage world. We started to jump into the craze because we love vintage items ourselves and we sell what we love. We really enjoy shopping for great vintage items and turn around and sell them to you. We love estate sells, antinque shops, etc. The buy at great markdowns so we can keep our prices reasonsable. You can find us online at or at

We hope you visit us soon.

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