Thursday, February 3, 2011

Selling Vintage Items Online - Some things to consider ...

The times of the Internet have given the means for earning extra income has become more accessible and easy on the pocket for anyone who has a computer and Internet connection at home. You can sell various items and attract your target market without leaving the comfort of your home. There are so many things you can sell online that sometimes you only have to look around your house and see what items you have which are worth selling. If you want to cash in on some existing collections you have at home like vintage items, consider the following points:

• Find the vintage items that you already have in your home. Separate the items you intend to sell from the pieces that you wish to retain. If you wish to make a serious business out of selling vintage items online, you will have to determine what particular type of vintage item you choose to sell or concentrate in. There are vintage clothing or apparel, vintage shoes, vintage accessories, vintage jewelry, vintage furniture, vintage art, and more vintage collectibles you can select. You can procure your vintage inventory from antique shops, thrift stores, estate sales, auction houses, garage sales, flea markets, etc.

• Determine the best price for your vintage items. You can do this by researching online, visiting local antique shops and thrift stores, reading identification and price value books, consulting vintage experts, vintage sellers, vintage buyers, and vintage collectors. You can also compare your items to those already listed online.

• One way to insure you are getting your monies worth is to sell your items to existing vintage or resale shops on the Internet. Doing so will help you find out the true value of your vintage collectibles and will develop your understanding of vintage buying and selling, how prices are determined, and the best time to sell your items.

• It is much more practical though to sell your items on sites that are set up already for you to sell. Some sites include Zibbet, Etsy, Artfire, Bonanza, Ebay, and so on and so forth. There are so many online market places that accept vintage items. The items must be 20 years or older to qualify in most cases. Before you post your vintage items for sale, read the terms and conditions thoroughly. Explore the site and see what other vintage sellers are offering on sale. Determine your edge over other sellers and the rarity of your items compared to other merchants.

• Launch your own online vintage shop. This is easy if you know the simple how-tos in creating your own website. However it may take some time to build sales considering your site is new. You will have to apply strategies to increase traffic site to have your target market visit your online shop. If you have an existing blog or journal with a number of followers, you can use this instead to focus on your vintage selling venture.

• Take neat photographs of your vintage items and post them on your site or on the online marketplaces you signed up to. More important than the pictures are the truthful descriptions of your items. Hence, before you post the items on sale, research as much information as you can about your vintage pieces. Include in your description the actual condition of each item, the size, color, and other pertinent facts.

These are just some ideas to help get you started in selling your own vintage items. Most of us have vintage items in our home just waiting to be sold. Anyone can take advantage of the vintage craze that is happening.

Good Luck!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Keys to 2011!

We welcome the New Year of 2011 with open arms. We are excited to have a new fresh start again. We are located at and also at Our plan is to stay at both of these shops all year long. We have some goals we want to share with you that are in no particular order.

  • Goal 1: to blog on a more regular basis 
  • Goal 2: to list all our items we have in stock regularly 
  • Goal 3: to continue to offer the best customer service possible
  • Goal 4: to update our website at 
  • Goal 5: to list on twitter and facebook on a regular basis - our twitter address is and our facebook address is 
  • Goal 6: to continue to ship our items as fast as possible, usually within a few days, because I am blind it may take anywhere between 3-10 business days. 
  • Goal 7: to communicate with our customers about new products 
  • Goal 8: to continue to send our products off in the best presentation possible 
  • Goal 9: to be organized in all our affairs 
  • Goal 10: to make our goals happen

We look forward to these goals and more that we have lined out within our company. We look forward to this New Year and sharing it with you. We have high hopes and we plan on sharing our hopes with you throughout this year.

From our hearts to yours, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy New Year in 2011.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What Happened to 2010?

Where has the year gone? Well we have been busy in this year slowly adding products to our Vintage Way collection. We have added many great jewels and some odds & ends of other vintage items. We still have many items that need to be listed, but that will have to wait until the New Year of 2011. It's hard to believe we are at the end of another year. Where does the time go? This was our first year in business and we learned a lot. We still have so much more to learn about the vintage industry. We do know it's one hot spot to be in and a lot of fun! We have really enjoyed the customers we have had over the year. It's really fun to sell old items to customers for all different reasons. Some are collectors, some are vintage lovers, others have a story of why they want an item, and others just simply like the item for sale. It's a great variety and all really nice people. We really have enjoyed our customers. Overall 2010 has been a great year for Vintage Way. We are looking forward to a New Year to make goals.... but that we will save that for our first posting in the New Year! Thank you for a great 2010! Stay tuned...

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Vintage Craze - We Love It Too

I am sure by now you have noticed the vintage craze - it is everywhere, in clothing, in jewels, in collectables, in print, in childrens toys, ribbons, papers, fabrics, all kinds of treasures you name it, there is something to find vintage. It is a craze for sure.

So far we have joined in the craze by selling rollerskate keys, rollerskates, children's cooking utensils, and lovely vintage jewels. Some of our upcoming postings will consist of Avon men's colenge bottles, notical ice box, magazines, home decor, and other odds and ends.

It is no secret that we are new to the vintage world. We started to jump into the craze because we love vintage items ourselves and we sell what we love. We really enjoy shopping for great vintage items and turn around and sell them to you. We love estate sells, antinque shops, etc. The buy at great markdowns so we can keep our prices reasonsable. You can find us online at or at

We hope you visit us soon.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vintage Way is proudly owned and operated by a wonderful blind woman, Jennifer K. O'Hara. Please support the blind.

Welcome to our sweet little shop of vintage collectables that takes you on a walk through time. All of our items are 20 years old or more. We will slowly be adding items, so check back with us as often as you like. If you need us, we are right here. Many items come ready to gift with a gift tag. Simply pull off the business card for safe keeping.

A big thank you to Mrs. Danielle Stuesse of for the terrific banner. You can email her at creative.visions[!at]

You can find Vintage Way at:

Come visit us soon. We might have something to offer you.